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Tonight is the last night of my visit to Arusha in Tanzania.

This is indeed beautiful country, home to spectacular scenery like Mount Meru – 15,000 feet high, compared to its famous big brother, Kilimanjaro, measuring 20,000 feet. Mount Meru is called “The Shy Mountain” because it is often cloaked in clouds.

I’ve had the good fortune to stay with the Linck family here in Arusha – I have enjoyed such tremendous hospitality throughout this adventure. It happened to be my birthday on October 3rd and it was truly fantastic to be with new friends and even receive a birthday cake!

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I’ve also had the honor of speaking to students at the ISM International School in Arusha. A very attentive group – I hope I’ve created a spark for adventure in their minds! It was great meeting the kids and staff here. The picture is of me showing them a map of the route.

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I saw an interesting thing in a shop here in Tanzania. Maybe most people already know this, but Swedes have quite the sweet tooth! We love to buy sweets, especially by weight, so we can pick our favorites and fashion our very own personalized mix…and here they are – although it’s not quite the selection I’m used to having, it feels a little like home!

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Tomorrow at 05 Zulu/07 CET, I head for Kitemela airstrip. just south of Iringa. It’s about a 4-hour flight. Arrangements have been made for me to stay with Otto, a farmer in the area. I’m looking forward to seeing the farm in the bush country. 6,000-foot elevation – that’s pretty high up! After that I will stop at Mbeya for one night and then continue to Zambia…

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