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I left Nairobi, Kenya and flew two short flights today. A bit off the original route, but got a very friendly invitation to visit Rob and Anita Linck in Arusha. I have also been asked to speek at the International school with 300 kids in the beginning of next week – what an honour!

At take off this morning, the aeroplane struggled in the heat and the high altitude of 5700ft at Wilson. Hardly any climb, and one has to very careful to keep the speed just right.

Unfortunately Mount Kilimanjaro was covered in clouds but I could see the base as I passed by. I did a short stop at Kilimanjaro International Airport to pay the charges and to get the visa. Then a 20 minutes short hop to Arusha.

At Arusha I got a fantastic welcome from a school class at 5-6 years of age singing “Happy Birthday” – such a wonderful surprise! I turn 48 and with FaceBook it is hard to keep secret.

Enjoy your weekend!

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