I could not have asked for a better finale for the Cape to Cape flying adventure. Today I left L’Agulhas and flew along the stunning coastline, rounding Cape of Good Hope coming from the Indian Ocean side and along the Atlantic. I thoroughly enjoyed making some maneuvers to please the photographer… The view of the Cape was fantastic from above and so very different from the cape in Norway where this all started – here, it’s more like a dragon’s back or ridge, in contrast to the North Cape’s steep 1,000-foot drop to the sea below. (Photo above: Stefan Sundqvist)

After this quick tour of the Cape itself, I just enjoyed flying north, close to Table Mountain and Cape Town. I landed at Morningstar Airfield for a quick break and to adjust the timing – my tribute to Gösta Andrée was to land at Stellenbosch at precisely the same time he did back in 1929: 15.10.

Simply put, what a relief to reach the goal and what a welcome! Almost indescribable. It was very emotional to meet my family…I have missed my children and my wife Lena so very much!

Many others were there to welcome me as well. Stellenbosch Aeroclub arranged a truly wonderful event: a group of children from Red Hill were waiting to greet me. I informed them about the donation to the Make Reading Cool project, and enjoyed speaking with the representatives from the Children’s Book Network, the press, and well-wishers on hand to show their support. I gave several interviews, and after several hours, family and friends went to the guesthouse for dinner – and some rest.

There’s lots more to tell you all about this day (and lots of people who deserve credit for making Cape to Cape a reality), but tonight I want to savor achieving the goal, and enjoy being reunited with family and friends. Tomorrow I’ll be sure to send a longer update. Stay tuned!

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