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Today I left the rather isolated landing strip at Lokichoggio and touched down at Wilson Airport in Nairobi – one of Africa’s busiest flight centers, mostly taking care of domestic flights in Kenya. It went well, but I decided to skip the planned stop at Nanyuki to make a shorter total day, so my flight was 5 hours long and very tiring. Who could complain, though – considering the view that I enjoyed today of the magnificent Rift Valley?

I was truly glad for the kind reception I got here at the East African Aeroclub. It is a very nice place to gather energy for the rest of the journey. The Moth will undergo extensive service and I will make sure more pictures and tales of adventure are posted on the website! I also have a number of events to attend here in Nairobi, including a meeting with the Swedish ambassador to Kenya.

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I plan to continue south on 4 October to Tanzania. Stay tuned!

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