Today I have been spending time with my wife and kids. I also went to a hardware store to buy some stuff needed when loading the aeroplane into the container tomorrow Tuesday.

Let’s do a look back, and the precautions I did take just in case I would have ended up in the bush without help – the Plan B…


On the picture I have my Primus kitchen to heat water and make food from the freeze dried packages to the right. You just pour the water into the bag containing the food and wait a few minutes.
In total I had breakfast and dinner for ca 3 full days onboard.

Also packed in the waterproof grab bag I had:
– Some strong pain killers
– A strobe and a flashlight
– A handheld air-band radio and extra batteries
– Military emergency package – with fishing line and hook.
– Matches in waterproof bag
– A water bag (blue) for picking up ca 5 litter of any “brown” water
– Bio Cool tablets

The Bio Cool tablets are quite fantastic! Drop a tablet in 5 liters of unclean water and wait 24 hours and then it is drinkable! The tablet is safe to eat and cannot be overdosed. It kills anything harmful to drink!
This is a new Swedish product and is used in Sudan for example. If you concentrate and put one tablet into 1 liter water you get a wound disinfection liquid. In case I had crash-landed and got injured I could have had a chance to create a wound disinfection liquid and cleaned the injuries.
BioCool is also known for FootCare products.

In the baggage I also brought a sleeping bag and a mosquito net, just in case.

So tomorrow the container will arrive to Stellenbosch airfield and I will get help from the family/friends to dismantle the aircraft by taking off the wings and tail plane. The container will be shipped to the home base – Eslov air field, Sweden.

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