image2 After yesterday’s exciting and trying journey from Damazin, I am taking some time to recharge my batteries here in Lokichoggio, Kenya, known to many as just “Loki”. AMO is resting up as well, at the airport along with a few more modern aircraft – but she’s the most beautiful girl here.

This village and its tiny airport are well-known to humanitarian aid workers and others from NGOs, church organizations and the UN. Supplies and aid have come in to Kenya through this airport, and although activity here is not what is used to be, Loki still offers a welcome refuge and center for logistics in this remote country. The bar and restaurant have decent food and drinks, and today I was able to take a dip in a hotel pool at the Trackmark Camp!

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The Trackmark was once owned by “All Weather Heather” Stewart, a bush pilot famed for her hard work and courageousness in flying doctors, medical supplies and food to war-torn regions in Africa for more than 30 years. It seems she is retired now, living on the coast of Kenya, but she is fondly remembered and respected here and in many other parts of Africa.

I met a nice couple with the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). This church organization helps some of the poorest areas of the world by using light aircraft to fly in supplies, technology and competence. The couple lived for 6 years in Loki, and built schools, toilets and other things desperately needed by the community.

To finish off today’s post, I’ve sent a picture of my hut, No. 18, at Camp 748. Not the Ritz, but a nice place to stay after one of the toughest legs of the journey. The staff are very friendly and helpful, there is an outdoor restaurant, and there’s decent WiFi.

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Good night all – the adventure begins again tomorrow, with the flight to Nanyuki and Nairobi!


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