Cape to Cape is about the thrill of flying, exploring new countries and cultures, and meeting all kinds of people. It’s also about pushing one’s limits and solving difficult problems, and experiencing a lot of victories and setbacks. It requires both meticulous planning and knowing when to ignore that plan; heeding the wisdom of experts and sometimes going with gut instincts; and having a well-developed sense of humor combined with the patience of a saint. I think that so far, I’ve delivered – and gotten – a fair bit of adventure on my travels from the North Cape!

The second part of my mission is to inspire adventure in others. It doesn’t have to be about flying to another continent in an antique plane, sailing across the Atlantic or climbing the Seven Summits. My dream has been to fly Cape to Cape, alone in an open-cockpit vintage aircraft, and show that it can be done.

Dreaming about flying is easy, but making Cape to Cape a reality requires so much more: time, energy, creativity, hard work – and funding. I am hoping that many of our followers will find their way to our FundedByMe site and contribute to Cape to Cape, so we can give the gift of adventure to people all over the world. If people see that one man is making a dream come true, who knows what wonderful things we can all accomplish by daring to take on adventure? I can say without a doubt that this journey is bringing me new friends, fantastic experiences, and life-changing insights.

Adventure is one way to make the world a better place. It’s never out of reach for those who are imaginative, curious, and bold enough to strike out into uncharted territory, even if the unknown is just a step – or a page – away. As a child, I discovered flying through books. I want others to be inspired too! That’s why Cape to Cape is also raising money to support the “Make Reading Cool” project operated by the Children’s Book Network. All proceeds from the campaign after costs will go to Make Reading Cool, giving children in the Red Hill Settlement outside Cape Town a chance to read, create, interact and discover how reading can be the key to their future.

The Children’s Book Network of South Africa is cooperating with Rotary organizations in Sweden and South Africa as well as the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) to make reading cool. Developing good reading skills and a love of books can help these children to enjoy stories, have fun and build self-confidence to strike out on their own adventures in life.

Please take a look at the wonderful results by visiting the Children’s Book Network website. Make sure these children can continue learning, growing and finding joy through reading: contribute to Cape to Cape’s FundedByMe campaign.

The Children’s Book Network’s introduction says it all: “These children need to fly.” Let’s help them find their wings!

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As for me, I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter of my journey – I look forward to turning the page and taking in every word. Whatever happens, it will be an adventure.

Adventure is not outside man; it is within.
― George Eliot

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