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During my visit to Khartoum, everyone was celebrating Eid al-Adha, or the Festival of Sacrifice. This involves a lot of family gatherings and good food, and I was very lucky to be invited as a guest to festive meals.
I visited 3 different families. One family was that of Ronnie, Hugo’s friend. I also visited an English diplomat’s home, as well as the home of an acquaintance of some Swedish friends. This big Sudanese family treated us to “breakfast meat”: freshly slaughtered and cooked lamb! Very good food, and interesting to socialize with everyone while sharing food from the same bowls, as is the custom here. It’s also important to take and eat food with only the right hand, not the left –  not always easy to remember! However, when in Khartoum…
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On the Eid feast holiday, everything was closed and the city was quite dark, especially for a city of 9 million people! It was rather difficult to just go out find something to eat, so I was indeed fortunate to be treated to meals each day.
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Today, 25 September, I left early from Khartoum and landed several hours later at Damazin in southern Sudan. The flight went very well, even if I got a slightly later start owing to a telephone call with the Swedish ambassador to Ethiopia. It was also a little slow getting through 3 (!) security checks. Great to get in the air after that. Because of the heat, I wore shorts – perfect!
I experimented with maintaining different altitudes to avoid headwinds. Seems that in these parts there’s less headwind early in the morning. On the ground it’s much greener than previously – small farms and allotments with different crops. It looks more like the Africa I perhaps had expected, with large, flat areas and a few trees here and there. Just silence from the radio, as usual.
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A long day of flying awaits tomorrow, so I’ll turn in early! Here you can see my bed/desk/dining room…
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