Short flight today over Victoria falls. Fantastic view and a very big area. I was forced to be on a high altitude due to local regulations. Only local operators are allowed to fly lower, but I got a very beautiful experience anyhow!
Easy flight to Kasane in Botswana where Brett Warren and Mark were waiting for me. A parked Tiger Moth is always a very nice sight. I refueled and got the immigration paperwork done. This is actually the 15th country I visit on my journey Cape to Cape – amazing!
After the paperwork we made a very quick move to get out on the Zambesi river by boat. Were lucky to see a lot of animals – all in all I might have seen 500 elephants. You can really see from the landscape that there are many elephants in the area – all trees were destroyed. Seems like the elephants overturn everything that comes in their way.
Short stop back at site, and then out in the real bush. Very dark and I was treated a very nice barbecue. Add to that two more aviators, the starry sky of the southern hemisphere and stories about flying – I cannot ask for more, can I?
Tomorrow we aim for an early take off, we will be flying around the Okawanga delta and final destination is Maun.
I will use my GoPro’s, and I really hope I will be visible on FR24!
Sleep tight,
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