Today it was kind of strange waking up and realizing that I wouldn’t need to fly out this morning…and that I was to treat the next week as vacation! I would like to share some photos from yesterday, the first one from rounding Cape to Good Hope.

approach 1 stlnbscch (2)

Photo No. 1
North Cape is fantastic with its stunning cliffs and exotic 71 degrees north. Cape of Good Hope is a beautiful cape, and has a very different shape….like a dragon’s back slowly descending into the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful weather and I really enjoyed the low passes over the ridge trying to find my photographer Stefan Sundqvist. At first it wan’t clear where exactly he was standing, but I think the pictures show that everything worked out in the end!


Photo No. 2
I also managed to do a flyby at Stellenbosch – an emotional feeling viewing the crowd that had assembled to meet me and celebrate the grand finale of Cape to Cape. Stellenbosch is an incredible location. I could live here — at least part of the year (January-March – these months I could skip in Scandinavia!).


Photo No. 3
Finally on ground taxiing in to the hangar where the Red Hill kids were waiting together with the crowd. My kids, my wife, my mother and my sister got the first hugs – very emotional!

Today, on Sunday, we went back to the airfield and I did two short flights to give my son David a ride and also Michael. Michael is one of he Red Hill kids and was picked out for the ride in the Moth, because he had excelled at learning to read and write, and for many years he has expressed a wish to be a pilot. His first time in an aeroplane was with me and in a 80-year-old biplane. His joyful shouts up front showed he really appreciated the ride!

No more flying now and on Tuesday starts the work to dismantle and mount in a container. Time and money is up for this time and time to go back to work and my normal life. But there is still a week to enjoy this part of South Africa outside Cape Town!

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