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Barangwanath airfield  is the host of the Johannesburg Light Plane Club (JLPC). The first Swedish Moth pilot to fly here, Gösta Andrée, landed in 1929 and met the club before flying to Swartkop Air Force Base. I am doing the same and also going to Swartkop on Tuesday! History is repeating itself – and that was the intention. Proud club members met up to make history and give Cape to Cape a wonderful Sunday morning and afternoon!
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Two flights with formation flying with Tiger Moth ZS-UKW and Courtney Watson. An honour! Also met his father, Roy Watson. Also met SA Flyer, a South African aviation and travel magazine…Calle Hedberg, a Norwegian who is also doing a Cape to Cape trip in a more modern aircraft, flew all the way here to meet up today! Great guy with a big smile, fantastic to meet a fellow Scandinavian on the other side of the world!
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So another great day with very enthusiastic reception and a great interest in the achievement so far. I am staying with the Rossiter family, friends and business contacts of Leif Sundqvist, our Cape to Cape chairman. Last night when I arrived I was taken to the local sports bar with the family and my Swedish friends to see rugby and South Africa win over Wales. Yet again I feel fortunate to get to meet real people with the same enthusiasm as me and who support me and the project! I already feel I have enjoyed success in Cape to Cape. I think I have reached the inner goal of the project: by showing what can be done through investing a little bit of money, a suit,  an 80-year-old aeroplane, a huge amount of determination and a big smile, it seems that I have created enthusiasm during my journey.
Don’t know about Gösta Andrée? Read about one of my great sources of inspiration and his trip to the Cape in 1929 here.
Reaching Capetown on the 24th is starting to feel like a formality. I am already there in a way…but there’s still some way to go. Stay tuned!
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