Today Johan was able to start from October 6 Airport, in the nick of time – right before the authorities closed the airport’s airspace again.
Local regulations require small private aircraft to fly at 9,000 feet; it took an hour just to climb to this altitude. While doing this Johan could hear how commercial flights were being diverted to other airports (Cairo International had closed as well).
Johan normally flies the Moth at much lower altitudes, so at 9,000 feet he couldn’t see much of the terrain. In addition, the open cockpit was quite cold. The flight took almost 6 hours. Johan is trying to make sure he eats right and keeps himself hydrated – he doesn’t want to suffer from heatstroke or get a cold, and he certainly wants to be as alert as possible when making these very demanding and difficult flights.
Upon his landing in Aswan, General Aviation Support Egypt (G.A.S.E.) was on hand to greet Johan and get all the administrative matters arranged. The chilly air of the skies was gone – it was a blistering 42 degrees Celsius on the ground. Johan got help with refuelling so the Moth is all ready for tomorrow’s adventure! Our hero had some dinner and turned in early for a good night’s rest.
Tomorrow Johan leaves Aswan for Dongola in Sudan. Take off is planned for 0730CET/0630Z…be sure to follow along on Flightradar24!
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