A bit of a milestone –  to get an exit out of Botswana and an entry into South Africa! The 16th country and the final country! I have overflown a few more countries but that doesn’t count!

Today I got a fantastic support yet again from Brett and Mark who escorted me to Pilanesberg. They were flying their Husky’s and at Pilanesberg we did the entry and filled out all the paperwork. Took probably 20 minutes and very quick handwriting. Starting to get used to this bureaucracy!

We plan a rendezvous on Wednesday in Kimberly –  to give the 100 Scandinavian soldiers that died during the Boer war in 1899 a salute! History is important,  and if you are remembered you are not forgotten!

At Pilanesberg Airport we suddenly were in a transport and on the way to Sun city for lunch. Big entertainment and perhaps not my cup of tea, but interesting and my kids would have loved it!

Short of time we rushed back to the airport and I got airborne again and reached the Barangwanath airfield (Photo above: Wolfram Zwecker). Fine welcome and socialising with some of the club members. Then they were very helpful giving me a ride to a family hosting me and a accompanying family/friends from Sweden. I have a fantastic support from Leif, his son Stefan, Leif’s sister and husband that just have flown into Johannesburg.

Quick change of clothes and then to a local restaurant and joining the big family with staff watching the rugby between Wales and South Africa.

I’m now dead tired and very happy to have reached South Africa! I rest my case now, and get back to you all tomorrow.

On the schedule is practice aerobatics in this thin air and to give one of the supporters  a joy ride!


Photo: Eddie Gold

Practice is intended for an event with SAAB and the South Africa Airforce on Tuesday…

Stay tuned,

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