Saturday and no Moth flying for 3 days. Starting to relax and my sore left shoulder is perhaps getting back in shape.

I probably get a bit tense from all holding on to the stick with left hand, so I have started to alter hands. Otherwise the 47 year old body, back and butt seem to hold on.
So far 52 hours flying from the North Cape. Another 20 hours ferry flying from souther Sweden and home base makes it over 70 hours flying.

I have 40 hours to Nairobi. That is the next horizon. It feels that Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia will be very difficult both with administration, permits but also difficult flying in hot and high conditions effecting performance on the aeroplane.
I have a lot of wing area but the respirating engine will loose power as temperature gets higher and altitude increases. The density altitude will get less.

So far the flying has been very ok. I have been flying in some appalling weather conditions in the northern part of Scandinavia. iIt is demanding when flying low just below th clouds in rain and poor visibility.
Plenty of fuel and a good moving map on the iPad in the lap makes those situations still ok.These days an 3G upload of the weather radar picture is with gold and gives me a picture where to steer the nose.
Poor weather is ok as long as the weather is improving up front!

So far the expenses has been ok and fairly low. Still an uplift of fuel has at one place been 180 litres at 2,5 Euro per litre. That is close to 500 Euro, and will cover 7 hours flying. That gives you an idea of the costs.

At Zantorini the handling was mandatory. Not that I need handling but the cost goes to 90 Euro for one night parking. Not too bad but it ads up on the costs.

Now I can tell you that Egypt also has mandatory handling from the big companies like Egypt Air. $1000 is about what one landing and takeoff can cost. I have some good help now in people partly volounterly and they negotiate discounts and I am hoping for around $3-400 per landing. That would still make only Egypt close to $1000 for only handling. Fuel and hotels are extra… Puhhh!

But do not misunderstand me! I am really looking forward to tackle all this. This is all part of the rarity and the planning. Soon the really exciting part begins!

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