An extremely quiet day here on Crete… if it wouldn’t have been for the fact that Africa and obviously Egypt has been in the focus regarding some planning.

So far the execution and landing of this trip has been done by myself but the rest of the trip is complicated countries when it comes to flying and airspaces and airports.

In many of these countries handling is mandatory and I will for at least the first countries get some help with handling authorities and ground staff at the different airports.

It seems good so far and Tuesday is gonna be a big day when it comes to flying.

I start really early from Souda, Crete and head direct to Mersa Matruh in Egypt. Might be almost 4 hour flying over water depending on the wind.

There I plan a 2 hour turn around with changing from survival suit to linen suit, some refuelling and arrange with custom and visa. From there some desert towards Cairo and October 6th airfield. That is another 3 hour flying again depending on wind and ATC particulars. It is a very long day but I have done it before going for the North Cape. A cold beer is sitting waiting at the end!

Tomorrows work is picking up the aeroplane from the military side at Souda and do a test flight and then refuel and again pack the old lady for the African part. Among other things I will pack about 20 liter of oil that is needed for the next 40 flight hours to Nairobi.

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