I have been waiting here in Crete for a permit to enter Egyptian airspace and to land in Mersa Matruh tomorrow.  It just arrived, literally in the eleventh hour.

Tomorrow I leave at 0700CET/0500Z. It will be a 4-hour flight to Mersa with a 2-hour stop for refueling of the aeroplane (and me). Then I continue towards Cairo, which will be close to another 3 hours of flying.

It will be a long day indeed, and I continued preparations today by picking up the airplane at the military side and taking a 10-minute test flight after maintenance.

Refueling took some time because the fuel had to be bought outside the airport at a local petrol station and brought inside the airport perimeters. A nearby construction site spreading very fine dust everywhere didn’t make the procedure any easier…

bild 2

Nevertheless, the Moth is now ready. Tomorrow I just have to put on the survival suit (delivered to Crete by my friend – thanks Mogens) and leave Europe behind – on to Africa!


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