May the (Air) Force be with you!

Well this was one of those days I never will forget! What a great crew and staff at this friendly Air Force base at Swartkop. Not that active when it comes to the main operations, but very active when it comes to flight museums and they keep over 15 aircrafts... read more

Aerobatics and aspirations

Here is an interesting experiment for all you open-cockpit pilots out there: aerobatics at high altitude (for us, anyway). I gave it a shot today at Baraganath just to see how it would feel. Not great, I can report… the thin air immediately drained me of all my... read more

The world’s oldest still-active flying club

Barangwanath airfield  is the host of the Johannesburg Light Plane Club (JLPC). The first Swedish Moth pilot to fly here, Gösta Andrée, landed in 1929 and met the club before flying to Swartkop Air Force Base. I am doing the same and also going to Swartkop on... read more

South Africa!

A bit of a milestone –  to get an exit out of Botswana and an entry into South Africa! The 16th country and the final country! I have overflown a few more countries but that doesn’t count! Today I got a fantastic support yet again from Brett and Mark... read more


Yesterday (Thursday) I woke up at 05:00 to be able to avoid the heat mid day. We had a small breakfast at the Thamalakane River Lodge, then me and Brett got a ride with the friendly owners Leana and Cornel to the Maun airport. Paying fees and filing the flight plan... read more

Botswana rocks!

(The Cape to Cape team just got the signal that Johan has landed safely outside of Gaborone, Botswana. Before taking off this morning he sent this update! Read on…) Today it was an early start for me – up at 0500. I’d not gotten a lot of sleep, but for a... read more

Okavango part 1

Update from Johan over the phone, since the wifi and 3G disappeared just when he was going to send the text and photos from today… So there will be an Okavango part 1 and part 2! He reports that they had a great day flying over the delta seeing all kinds of animals.... read more

Botswana – the 15th country on my journey

  Short flight today over Victoria falls. Fantastic view and a very big area. I was forced to be on a high altitude due to local regulations. Only local operators are allowed to fly lower, but I got a very beautiful experience anyhow! Easy flight to Kasane in Botswana... read more

“This is Africa”

A slow and quiet day today – went to see  Victoria Falls, also commonly known as Mosi-oa-Tunya (“the smoke that thunders”), and the town of Livingstone. Very little water also at the falls, but it was still an impressive sight. After all, it’s known... read more

50 shades of brown…

With this title I am not trying to be negative. Perhaps a bit funny…. but I do feel a bit worried about the landscape I have been overflying throughout Africa so far. Not so surprisingly, the Sahara in Egypt and Sudan are of course very dry and therefore... read more


Yesterday I had a long flight from Mbeya in Tanzania to Mfuwe in Zambia. It went well, especially due to some tailwind, suddenly made the trip easier! Take off still tricky with almost no climb performance and I was struggling to get height enough over the mountains... read more

FundedByMe – Make the dream come true!

What a fantastic trip has been so far! I never dreamed that this adventure would give me so many new friends and wonderful experiences. The Moth, all the people helping me here and back home in Sweden, the flying itself – all these things have far exceeded my... read more

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