Update from Johan over the phone, since the wifi and 3G disappeared just when he was going to send the text and photos from today… So there will be an Okavango part 1 and part 2!

He reports that they had a great day flying over the delta seeing all kinds of animals. “-Today was maybe the best flying day I ever had with the Moth…” That makes us smile at home as well!

Would have hoped to see SE-AMO on the FR24 today, but did not find him at all.
During days with no visibility of SE-AMO on FR24, there is at least the message from the SPOT equipment ( When Johan pushes a button an email is sent saying “Soon take off”, then the position lat/long is known, and that Johan will take off in approximately 20 minutes.

Then the same procedure happens at landing, Johan pushes another button and an “All well” message is sent. If there is an uncertainty where he actually is, there is a link to so the exact location is shown.
This morning at 09:44CET, the landing message arrived! When looking closer at the map – coffee was spilled!

From the map it looks like the landing was quite wet!


Later the photo Johan posted showed a very dry air strip from the landing in “Abu”, in the Okavango Delta.

It all went well!

Johan is now at a lodge in Maun. The alarm clock is set for 05:00CET and the plan is to fly together with Brett through Kalahari desert to reach Gaborone. A long day ahead.

Let’s hope for some good wifi tomorrow night!

Stay tuned for Okavango Part 2!

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