So today I’ve been resting and I also got to visit the pyramids at Giza, as you may have read in the previous post.
Not many tourists out there – just some Egyptians going to see their own heritage, and a few pilots… The pyramids were a fantastic sight to see, even if I only had time to see them from the outside.

My transportation this time was a camel called Charlie Brown. The support function GASE (General Aviation Support Egypt) know the camel’s owner, and often take guest pilots for a safari. It seems Charlie Brown is not the stereotypical grouchy camel. In fact, as this picture shows, he is quite affectionate and always gives his pilot guests kisses.
He seems to like my beard!

Today many problems got solved and we discovered that I apparently have a diplomatic flight permit into Sudan.
The Sudanese ambassador in Stockholm, whom I met before leaving on my trip, seems to have done an excellent job. A big thanks to him!

Tomorrow it is going to be a long 5-hour flight, but not really along the Nile because I am required to use certain airways. Still, it’s a fairly straight path. Destination: Aswan, which is also my exit point from Egypt. I will continue for Dongola in Sudan already on Sunday.

Take-off tomorrow might be around 0800Z/1000LT. I hope I it will even be slightly before that!

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