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What a fantastic trip has been so far! I never dreamed that this adventure would give me so many new friends and wonderful experiences. The Moth, all the people helping me here and back home in Sweden, the flying itself – all these things have far exceeded my expectations! Nevertheless, there’s still a good distance left to go – both in terms of airspace and our charity project.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been keeping a pretty hectic pace. In the last few days I’ve had the opportunity to stop and reflect a bit on the journey.

What did I expect from Cape to Cape when I started? I did try to stay open-minded and keep expectations to a minimum, but I knew on a lot of levels what I wanted to achieve in this adventure. I know that a lot of my motivation and enthusiasm springs from my desire just to throw myself wholeheartedly into the experience. Yet in some sense, all I’ve been hoping for is that when all is said and done, I will have an interesting story to tell. As I see it, all the pain and struggle is paying off. It seems there are more than a few who think this has been pretty exciting…

I also did not anticipate having so much support at home. Peggy, Anders, Leif and Stefan have been helping me on a voluntary basis, and of course my wife Lena has been an invaluable source of motivation, advice, good humor and organization. (Well, Lena is married to me, so maybe in her case “volunteer” is a bit of an understatement…)
In addition G.A.S.E and Eddie has supported me day (and night in some countries…) planning and getting everything organized

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But compared to Gösta Andrée I have not had a big company giving me support and for me to be dependent on. Instead I have reached out to a broader group of people – you the followers!

The work done by the team mentioned above and all of you cheering me on through social media keep me going. I think that considering the very limited financial resources of Cape to Cape we are actually doing a fantastic job!

The only thing not turning out as we hoped is our crowdfunding campaign. Therefore, I’d really like to promote this aspect of the adventure – since it is now two weeks left of this campaign!
Setting out on this trip meant taking leave without pay for two months. I knew I had to figure that into the equation, of course, but the expenses I’ve encountered on this trip have far outreached my planned budget. The fees and payments at airports have been shockingly high – and often much higher than my pre-trip information had indicated. What is one to do? Once on the ground, I can’t leave without paying; nor can I take off without paying – there’s just no alternative but to hand it over.

So first: my heartfelt thanks to all of you out there already making a big contribution to Cape to Cape, through your generous offers of time, talent, patience, loans, and even free lodging and meals –I couldn’t do it without you. Of course I am also grateful to all of you who already took time to register on

Then I humbly ask you: consider giving this project your support, not only to reach the Cape of Good Hope but to bring the adventure and the gift of funding to the children of Red Hill.
If we’re lucky, perhaps I can also bring this story, photos and video to others as well – and share the gift of adventure that has been given to me!
Or tell me – what kind of rewards would be interesting for you?  What would you like in return? Write a comment on the Facebook post or send an email to

Thank you all!


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